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Welcome to Rheumatology Private Practice in the Rudolfinerhaus

Doz. Dr. Johannes Grisar

Rheumatic diseases can occur in each decade of life and often need a personally “tailored” therapy requiring a good patient-physician relationship.

For this purpose, I take enough time to listen to you, to perform a detailed anamnesis and examination followed by a precise and elaborate diagnostic procedure. It is my goal to develop a personalized treatment strategy leading to optimal control or ideally remission of the disease.


Enjoy the life, even with rheumatism


Don’t miss a moment because of rheumatism


Live long and fit, even with rheumatism



Examination of rheumatism state
Joint and Muscular Assessment and examination
Consideration of a treatment plan
if necessary with disease modifying therapy
Longtime treatment plan
for patients with rheumatic diseases
Therapy of Osteoporosis
Pain Therapy
Infiltration therapy
Infusion therapy

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine examination
Preventive medicine examination
Hypertension treatment
Diabetes therapy
Internal medicine support
before and after surgical interventions

Living well with rheumatism.

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